Alumni Relations

Here in Alumni Relations, we are dedicated to serving our current and future alumni.

For Our Alumni

We work hard to nurture a life-long relationship between our university and our extraordinary alumni. We plan HomecomingRegional Events, and support monthly Alumni Chapter Gatherings so that we can hear about what our alumni are doing as well as catch alumni up to speed on what is happening at the Webb!

For Our Current Students

We provide opportunities to participate in activities that promote philanthropy and school pride.

  • Philanthropy on the Fly – Our student philanthropy initiative (link to Philanthropy on the Fly page) gives students a chance to partner with Alumni Relations by investing in a project that will benefit others and will cost them only a small fraction of their time (60 seconds or so).
  • Students may also seek membership in our Student Alumni Association, an organization open to all students.
  • Bulldogs Got Talent – Our student-sponsored and student-focused Homecoming event that showcases the talent of our GWU students.
  • Legacy students are celebrated and recognized. We have many students at GWU who come from a long line of family members who have made Gardner-Webb a family tradition. Special programming is offered to these students.
  • January’s Red Cross Blood Drive – sponsored and staffed by our Legacy Students, this is a great way for students and members of our community to make a lifesaving gift.