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Hannah Canipe ’22

Hannah Canipe

Academic Bulldog

Lincolnton, NC

Chemistry major Hannah Canipe, ’22, spent her summer in Withrow Hall’s science labs either conducting experiments or serving as a teaching assistant (TA) for organic chemistry classes. As an Academic Bulldog, Hannah stayed at Gardner-Webb for five weeks of her summer for the Summer Research Scholars Program, studying hair and skincare products with mentoring faculty, Dr. Totten.

Hannah said, “Because of the support from my professors in my experiments during the year, I knew summer research would be a chance for me to grow even more not only as a student but also as a chemist.” After graduation, she plans to apply to a Physician’s Assistant program and continue her studies in dermatology.

In addition to being a full-time student, Hannah is an RA (Resident Advisor), TA (Teaching Assistant), President of Pre-Health Society, President of Sigma Zeta, and a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at a local nursing home, typically working night shifts.

Hannah stands by Gardner Webb’s promise of “Name over number.” With our 13:1 student to faculty ratio, you’re more than a number or statistic on campus. Professors know you by name and believe in you. “When someone believes in you,” she shared, “you start to believe it in yourself, and that has made me feel so valued.”

Hannah describes herself as an open and conscientious person who usually starts her mornings by writing down her goals for the day. This helps her prioritize her academics and stay social while also working as a CNA, RA, and TA. “The school year can be very challenging at times … but it is making me a better student who plans their time adequately and as a person who can handle a large workload,” Hannah said.

Maybe you’re like Hannah and really centered around academics – or you enjoy using your knowledge to help others. No matter what drives you, you’ll find your place here at Gardner-Webb University. Go beyond the ordinary!

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