Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

CETL Mission Statement

As part of Gardner-Webb’s community of learning, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning serves as a resource for professional development in teaching. CETL’s role is chiefly supportive and its programs are designed to complement professional development within the disciplines. Consequently, CETL seminars, workshops, and resources focus on elements of effective teaching common to and applicable in all disciplines. Although CETL has no direct connection with the formal faculty evaluation process, faculty participation in CETL events may be listed in the faculty annual reports.

CETL Goals

  • To cultivate an institutional climate that values, rewards, and renews teaching excellence through an open interdisciplinary exchange among faculty;
  • To build communities of teaching and learning by providing opportunities to learn and experiment with instructional approaches and methods in face-to-face, blended, and online formats;
  • To assist faculty by listening and responding to their ongoing and emergent needs;
  • To support the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning by providing seminars and workshops and by facilitating faculty work groups;
  • To encourage appropriate pedagogical uses of technologies (learning management systems, multimedia, and other applications);
  • To develop and maintain the Center’s print and electronic resources of research-based best practices, models, and approaches to university teaching and learning;
  • To participate in statewide and national associations supporting the mission of improving higher education through professional development in teaching.