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The mission of the JEE is to publish (double-blind, peer reviewed) interdisciplinary scholarly research (conceptual, theoretical, empirical) that connects entrepreneurship and ethics and appeals to both the academic and the practitioner.

Journal of Ethics & Entrepreneurship (Print): ISSN 2326-3776

Journal of Ethics & Entrepreneurship (Online): ISSN 2326-3806

From the Founding Editor

Both business ethics and entrepreneurship have become recognized as scientific disciplines with specific journals to disseminate the plethora of significant conceptual, theoretical, and empirical research that is being done. However, only a relatively small number of articles have appeared in the academic literature that explicitly address the intersection of business ethics and entrepreneurship. A review of the literature of both fields revealed that, in addition to the comparatively few articles and a number of conference presentations, only one conference (2006) and one special issue of Journal of Business Venturing (2009) were specifically devoted to this “connection.”                                                     
                                                                                                                   – Donald W. Caudill (2008-2016)

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