Using LinkedIn as a Job Search Tool

Over 80% of jobs are found in the “Hidden Job Market,” which refers to jobs gained through networking. Here are some ways to utilize LinkedIn for networking and actively seeking employment.

Utilize your Network

  • Network with others in the area you are interested in and use their profile information to ask specific questions about his/her career journey.

Be Strategic with Reaching Out to Companies

  • Target specific employers as a way to gain entry to new career opportunities.
  • Find connections you already have with a company as your “in.”
  • Study a company’s LinkedIn profile to gather data, find key people etc.
  • Use information to tighten or adjust your own profile and personal brand.

Use LinkedIn to its Maximum Potential

  • Use status updates to communicate professional information to your connections.
  • Connect with a few LinkedIn groups and be an active participant (great for professional organizations in your field).
  • Gain endorsements to show expertise in specific areas based on keywords (ex. Public Speaking). Hint: Endorsing others is a great way to start because they are likely to reciprocate the endorsement.

Online Job Search

  • LinkedIn has a great job search application where you can search, tag, save, and apply for jobs. Set the filtering tool for each search to specify information.
  • Advanced job searches on LinkedIn can help you find the hiring manager for the listed job. Contact that person to develop rapport and gain more information. Hiring manager not listed? Search for other employees at the company to connect with to build a relationship.

Salary Tool

  • LinkedIn has a salary feature that allows for researching job salary ranges by region.