students hiking in woods

Creation Care

Evangelical Environmentalism

We take a little different approach to environmental awareness at GWU! These issues matter to us because we believe that Scripture calls on us to care for what God has created and given to us.

Our emphasis centers on caring for God’s creation as our motive for sustainability and environmental initiatives. Genesis 2:15 calls us to “…work it and take care of it.”

Some Initiatives include:

Find Your Bin

We want you to find your recycle bin and use it! Gardner-Webb is a single-stream recycling campus – which means that all recyclable materials go into the same recycle bins. In the last three years, we have increased recycling by 79%, and are still adding bins in various locations.

Earth Week Events

Each spring during the third week in April, the Center and Environmental Club design our campus EarthWeek for Creation Care. These include community cleanup events, speakers to raise awareness, and our annual EarthFair. Clubs and community partners hold booths at the Fair with prizes and materials to educate students about Creation Care.

Healthy Eating Initiatives

We work with the Foothills Farmers’ Market to promote healthy, local food for students. By serving in the community gardens at local schools, we also encourage this throughout the community.