Gardner-Webb University’s Broyhill School of Management develops leaders in the global business world. The program combines liberal arts with business education to result in traditional and non-traditional areas of expertise. This unique approach will allow you to enter exciting careers spanning all industries.

As a student in the Broyhill School of Management, you will benefit from the well-qualified, enthusiastic faculty who foster an environment rich in educational opportunities and mentorship. The faculty and state-of-the-art classrooms ensure you are given the tools necessary to become a business leader in the global world.

One of the distinctive features of the Broyhill School of Management is the flexibility that exists within the majors and minors. The course requirements are a mix of required courses and those tailored to fit your specific interests. In many circumstances independent study courses and even internships can be substituted for credit towards a major. International study is highly encouraged and opportunities for travel are nearly endless.

Your classes will be engaging as well as demanding. Instead of simply coming up with the correct answer, a tremendous amount of focus is dedicated to the process of problem-solving and developing a multi-lateral understanding of a concept and how it influences other things.

It isn’t all work and studies however. Student clubs include Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), Student Investment Club (SIC), Entrepreneurial Action by all of Us (ENACTUS), and World Trade Club (WTC). As a student participant in these clubs, you’ll get to participate in regional competitions, hold meetings, and throw parties. You may also have the opportunity to be part of Delta Mu Delta, the international honors society for business majors.

On cold, rainy days, some professors have been known to bring and serve hot apple cider or hot chocolate to students. Barbecues at professors’ homes are common. The faculty and staff of the Broyhill School of Management care more about your future than your grades.

On the whole, an education from the Broyhill School of Management will give you the confidence and knowledge to be an entrepreneur or a manager in any type of setting or environment. Although success is never guaranteed, the focus on mentorship and personal development give you the best chance to attain lofty goals and aspirations.