Financial Aid Information for Accepted Students

Accept Your Reward

Navigate from here to WebbConnect our internal student portal which you will continue to use for important things like accessing your Blackboard classes.

Once you’ve logged in, you can easily accept and finalize your award by following these simple instructions :

  • Click Financial Aid 
  • Click Award 
  • Choose 21-22 award year from drop box 
  • View online award 

Remember to view the link Eligibility and Requirements to finalize any outstanding requirements. If you have been selected for verification, please realize that the award amounts are tentative and will not be finalized until verification is complete. Your financial aid award is subject to change should you change your housing status, enroll less than full-time, or fail to submit required documentation.

Should you have any questions concerning your financial aid award, our Financial Planning Office Counselors are ready to assist you by phone at (704) 406-4243 or email at [email protected] new email.

Future Dawg Aid Offer

You’ve received your personalized reward letter. What does it all mean?

Login to WebbConnect

If you haven’t logged into WebbConnect for the first time, you will need your student ID number to retrieve your username and password. This will be listed at the top of your financial aid award letter or you can contact your admissions counselor for this number.

To create your WebbConnect username and password, follow these steps:

  1. Access the WebbConnect home page.
  2. Click on the First Time User link on the WebbConnect home page.
  3. Enter your Gardner-Webb ID number, with the leading zeros. This number has nine digits.
  4. Enter your Gardner-Webb username.
  5. Enter your personal email address (the email address you provided on your GWU application).
  6. Enter your date of birth.
  7. Enter your new password and then enter it again to confirm.
  8. Return to the WebbConnect home page to log in with your credentials.

Click here to download these instructions (PDF)

Financial Aid 101

Learn more about Financial Aid, FAFSA, loans and how you financial aid eligibility is determined.