Scholarship Maintenance is reviewed at the end of each academic year. All scholarships require full time enrollment, and the award amount is based on housing status. 

If you choose to move off campus, please contact the Financial Planning Office to determine how your scholarship/other awards will be affected.

The GPA requirement for each scholarship is listed below. If your institutional GPA is below the required minimum, you will be placed on Scholarship Probation for the fall semester. You will be eligible to receive your scholarship while on probation, however, if at the end of the fall term you have not achieved the required GPA your scholarship will be rescinded for the spring semester.

Tucker and Academic Fellows must maintain an institutional grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 at the end of each academic year, reside on-campus, and be enrolled full time.

Trustee Scholarship3.2
Presidential Scholarship3.0
Provost Scholarship3.0
Dean’s Scholarship2.8
Achievement Scholarship2.8

Please note: Nursing students must remain in good standing in the Nursing program in lieu of the above stated GPAs to retain scholarship funds.

You may appeal the loss of your scholarship by writing a letter to [email protected]. It is important to remember that extenuating circumstances must be fully documented. Please contact the Financial Planning Office if you have any questions concerning the appeal process.