rock climbing wall

Guest Policy

Each full-time and permanent part-time Gardner-Webb University employee and student will be permitted to bring a guest(s) into the Tucker Student Center Climbing Wall. Guests must be accompanied by the faculty, staff, or student sponsor while utilizing the facility. Guests must present a valid photo ID card, sign in with Adventure Recreation staff, and fill out the “Release and Hold Harmless Agreement” form.

Group Rates

Weekdays before 6 p.m. (Monday-Friday)
GWU Students – FREE
Local School – $10/person/climb
Community – $10/person/climb
*These groups require a minimum of ten people. Subject to a $30 fee if cancelled within five business days.

Weekends (Friday after 6 p.m. and Saturday)
Groups of 10 or fewer climbers – $125 for two hours
Groups of 11-15 climbers – $150 for two hours
Groups of 16-20 climbers – $200 for two hours
Groups of more than 20 climbers – $250 for two hours
*Subject to a $30 fee if cancelled within five business days.

Usage Policy

The Indoor Climbing Wall Safety Policies are effective during regular climbing hours. Exceptions may be made for classes, group rentals, and special events. Failure to comply with the Climbing Wall Safety Policies can result in suspension of climbing wall privileges. 

  • All participants must have a current release and hold harmless agreement on file with Adventure Recreation staff (available at check-in).
  • There must be an Adventure Recreation staff member present for anyone to climb.
  • Only people who have passed the GWU Adventure Recreation indoor climbing wall belay test can belay.
  • All climbers must comply with the judgment and decisions of the staff on duty at the climbing gym.
  • Shirt and shoes are required when climbing. Only appropriate climbing footwear will be permitted on climbing surfaces; climbing shoes are recommended, but closed toe shoes are acceptable. Climbing in sandals, with bare feet, or five finger shoes is prohibited. 
  • Climbers may use personal I.A.A. approved climbing equipment such as harnesses, shoes, and helmets. Adventure Recreation staff reserve the right to restrict use of equipment that is judged to be inappropriate or in poor condition.
  • The figure 8 follow-through is the only accepted knot for tying in. The figure eight knot must be cleanly dressed with a backup knot.
  • Food and drink containers that cannot be sealed are not permitted in the wall area.
  • Empty all pockets and remove all jewelry prior to climbing.
  • Tuck in loose clothing and tie back long hair prior to belaying.
  • Adventure Recreation climbing shoes must be worn with socks and must be sprayed with Lysol after each use.
  • Adventure Recreation climbing equipment is not permitted outside of the climbing wall area; i.e. harness and shoes.
  • No loose chalk is allowed at the climbing wall. Please, use a chalk ball.
  • All accidents and situations seen as unsafe or not in accordance with the safety policies must be reported to climbing wall staff immediately.
  • Please keep the climbing area free of personal belongings and extraneous equipment. Please utilize the adjacent conference room and keep doorways clear.
  • Quickdraws hanging from the wall are for protection during Lead climbs. Do NOT pull or stand on the quickdraws or bolts to help you climb.
  • Bouldering is allowed; however the boulderer’s shoulders may not pass above the red line. It is recommended to have a minimum of one spotter per boulderer. Bouldering under climbers in the “drop zone” is not permitted and top-rope climbers have the right of way.
  • Climbing wall events and belay classes have priority on routes. If an instructor needs the route you may be asked to move to another route.
  • All belaying must be conducted from the standing position.
  • Climbing or belaying while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.


  • Ezekiel Martin

    Ezekiel “Zeke” Martin

    Assistant Director of Campus Recreation – Intramurals and Outdoor Recreation

    (704) 406-4257