Students are assigned a PA faculty advisor for the duration of their time as a student at Gardner-Webb. Advisors serve as mentors and advocates who follow their advisees’ academic progress and serve as a resource for the student throughout their educational journey.

The academic advising policy mandates that each student meets with their faculty advisor at least once during each semester. The purpose of the meeting is to review the student’s progress and discuss any concerns the student may be experiencing. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors more frequently should they experience issues that impact their ability to meet any academic or professional standards of the program.

The advisor is critical support and primary contact during the academic training. The faculty advisor will:

  • Assist in the understanding of policies and practices of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies and Gardner-Webb University.
  • Respond to questions or concerns about academic requirements and expectations, performance criteria, academic standing, and professionalism.
  • Provide feedback on academic progress, graduate competencies, and program goals.
  • Provide support for personal and professional growth. This support may include referring the student to an appropriate professional if difficult situations arise.

POLICY: All faculty members, the program director, and the medical director are prohibited from acting as medical providers or professional counselors for the Department of PA Studies students. ARC-PA 5th ed Standard A3.09

Office Hours: The Department of Gardner-Webb University PA Studies faculty have an open-door policy but are also available by appointment. Students are urged to provide the faculty member with the purpose of the meeting when making an appointment. While it is the intention of the PA program to be available to the students, it is professional for students to respect the workload demand of the PA faculty.

NOTE: The program director will not be assigned advisees except under special circumstances.