Student Evaluation and Grading Policy

ARC-PA 5th ed Standards A3.15a, 4.01

Assignments and Assessments

Assignments and assessments are administered at the course director’s discretion and/or module director and/or instructor as delineated in the course syllabus.

The course director determines the grading components and associated weights for each course and will determine the type of assessment instrument(s) utilized. Course syllabi provide course content and course expectations. It is the responsibility of the PA student to become familiar with this information.

Grading Scale

Letter GradeNumeric GradeQuality Points

Passing Criterion: An overall course performance average of 75% or higher

Failing Criterion: An overall course performance average of less than 75%.


The grade of Incomplete (I) is only an option when a small amount of coursework (i.e., tests, projects, research papers, or final exam) is not submitted by the end of a course. If the course’s work remains unfinished at the completion of that course, a grade of Incomplete can only be given when the course director agrees circumstances beyond the student’s control result in a failure to complete the required work. The course director will determine the length of time the student has to complete the required coursework. The plan for completing the coursework, including the completion date, must be in the form of a written agreement between the student and the course director and will be placed in the student’s file. If the completed coursework does not result in a passing grade, the Incomplete will be submitted as an “F.” If the student fails to complete the required coursework in the time allotted, the grade will convert to an “F” and will be on the transcript permanently.

An Incomplete is appropriate only in situations where there are mitigating life circumstances of a serious nature that prevent completion of course requirements. When semester grades are submitted, the faculty member assigns an “I” in place of the grade for the student needing an Incomplete. Within 24 hours of submission, Registrar Services will send the faculty member an e-mail notification that the “Incomplete Contract” is available through WebbConnect under the “Manage Classes” folder. The faculty member completes the online contract and submits it electronically through WebbConnect. WebbConnect automatically sends the contract to the student via the student’s Gardner-Webb email address. The student must “accept” the contract to confirm the Incomplete. If the student “denies” the contract, the faculty member will be notified, and either a revised contract will need to be submitted or a final grade assigned for the course.

The course director will determine the final date for completion of the coursework. If coursework remains incomplete at the designated deadline or complete work does not result in a passing grade, the Incomplete is converted to a final grade of “F.” Subsequently, the PA student will be subject to immediate dismissal per program grade policy.