Purpose and Scope

The safety and well-being of Gardner-Webb University students, faculty, staff, and visitors are of paramount importance.  This policy sets forth rules and expectations for the conduct of visitors while on the University Campus. 

Please note: Additional specific rules, regulations and procedures governing visitor activities on campus may be found in other University publications, including the Institutional Policies section of the TUG Handbook. Regulations prohibiting, among other things, weapons, alcohol and illicit drugs are set forth in the Crime Prevention Policies. Rules and regulations governing visitor activities in residential facilities are found in the Housing and Residence Education section of the TUG Handbook.


  • A “visitor” is defined as any person who is not a currently enrolled student at the University, faculty, staff, or campus resident.
  • The “University Campus” is defined as all grounds, buildings, facilities and other real estate and property owned, leased, or under the control and jurisdiction of the University.

Visitor Access to the University Campus

The University Campus exists primarily for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff; for the purposes of living, learning, work, teaching and conducting other University business or activities.  The University is a private institution and, as such, reserves the right to lawfully restrict or prohibit access to the University Campus in whole or part.

At all times, the University’s students, faculty and staff have priority for the use of the University Campus and its facilities. Subject to University policies and applicable law, visitors may enter administrative/academic buildings and athletic facilities in order to conduct business, attend public functions, or otherwise constructively participate in the life of the University community.

Recreational use of campus grounds and outdoor athletic facilities for walking, jogging, bicycling and the like is generally allowed, subject to the needs of the University and any rules or regulations applicable to the facility or area.

All visitors shall conduct themselves in accordance with the law, University policies, and in a manner that is conducive to a safe living, learning, and working environment. Visitors shall follow the directives of University Police and other authorized University officials, including directives to modify their behavior, move to another area, or leave the Campus entirely. 

If a visitor engages in conduct that is inconsistent with applicable law, University policy (including this policy), the directives of University Police or other authorized University officials, or in a manner that is disruptive or detrimental to the interests of students, faculty, staff or other persons lawfully on the University Campus, the visitor may be directed to leave the University Campus or any University facility, building or portion thereof.  Failure to adhere to any such directive may result in arrest for trespassing.