University Posting

The Gardner-Webb University Posting Policy has been designed to keep the campus buildings clean and in good condition. For the purposes of this policy, a poster is defined as any form of print publicity, with no regard to size, shape, or content that is in a public area. There are certain regulations to which students must adhere when posting posters on campus.

All posters must be approved and stamped before posting occurs on campus. The Assistant Dean of Student Engagement or his or her designee, is responsible for reviewing and either approving or rejecting all proposed posters, with the exception of all posters for department sponsored events. Before posting items on campus, students should review the complete posting policy below. Please send flyers/posters to [email protected] or stop by the Office of Student Engagement (1st floor, Tucker Student Center) for approval. Once approved all posters must be placed on approved locations.

Publicity must not be abusive or in any way contribute to or encourage the creation of a hostile environment within the Gardner-Webb University Community.  References to or depiction of the consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  Publicity may not promote the violation of University policy or local, state, or federal law.

The sponsors’ name(s) must be prominently displayed on the advertisement.

No posting will be permitted on walls, windows, doors, trash receptacles, and elevators.  Exceptions to this may be made for University departments and may be made by the Office of Student Engagement. Postings will be taken down if they are noticed on any of the above surfaces.

Students, faculty and staff are able to use the windows of the Student Center to publicize an event or program. Paint can be borrowed from the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development and all content must be approved by the Associate Director of Student Engagement.

  • Banner Dimensions – No taller than 4’ and no longer than 8’.
  • Banners must include a contact email address.
  • All banners must be professionally printed. Banners may be printed on or off campus. On campus banners may be printed in the Dover Library (fees apply).
  • Paper banners must be laminated, which can be done in the Dover Library.
  • All banner designs need to be approved by your club advisor before being sent to Micah Martin for final approval before printing. Email banner designs for approval to [email protected].
  • Once printed, banners need to be brought to the Student Engagement suite in the Tucker Student Center to be hung by the Student Government Association.

First floor- Outside the study room

Suttle Wellness Center:
Small bulletin board in lobby. (see Suttle Wellness Center Staff)

Main floor- On the wall as you start to go downstairs

Tucker Student Center:
1st Floor- Bulletin board across from the mailboxes.
1st Floor- Bulletin board across from the elevator.
1st Floor- Retractable flyer stand in entrance on Student Engagement Suite. *
2nd Floor- Retractable flyer stand in entrance lobby. *
2nd Floor- Bulletin board across from the elevator.
2nd Floor – Bulletin board at entrance of bathroom.
3rd Floor – Bulletin board across from the elevator.
3rd Floor – Bulletin board outside the bathrooms behind computer desk.

** The Assistant Director of Student Engagement will oversee these stands. Only the Assistant Director can post flyers on this stand. Any flyer posted by anyone other than the Assistant Director of Student Engagement will be taken down.

First floor- Wall across the water fountain

Main floor- Main door entrance on the right side of the wall.

O. Max Gardner Hall:
Main floor- Straight in the main entrance on the student materials board.

Bottom floor all along the walls (6 in total).

First floor- first door entrance across from the bathroom
Second floor- outside the one classroom.
Third floor- Wall outside the computer lab.

First floor- Main entrance and down the stairs beside the faculty bathroom labeled announcements board
Second floor- Up the main entrance stairs through the door of Lindsay hall and on the right side of the wall.

Outside of the Caf doors on the right side of the wall.

Residence Halls:
Please contact the Director of Housing and Residence Education for Approval

Students, faculty and staff may us washable chalk to create promotional messages on approved exterior surfaces of the Gardner-Webb University campus. Chalk messages must be on horizontal sidewalk surfaces. Any group or individual that writes a chalk message that requires pressure washing to remove will be charged appropriately for its removal. Chalk messages must adhere to the Posting Policy guidelines in terms of content allowed.

Tucker Student Center
Front Entrance – Outside of Covered Entryway
Back Terrace – Patio area outside of covered area

Dover Campus Center
Concrete area around facility. No chalk on brick pavers or under covered entryways.

Suttle Wellness Center
Sidewalk area outside of covered awning

Residence Halls
Please contact the Director of Housing and Residence Education for Approval

If any student, club, or organization does not follow the policies stated above, their advertisements will be taken down. The advertisement sponsor will be contacted and reminded of the posting policy. If a 2nd offense occurs the sponsor will lose posting privileges for the remainder of the current semester. After the 3rd offense, the sponsor will lose all posting privileges for the remainder of their time as a GWU student.