Bulldogs Together Residence Life

Gardner-Webb is preparing for a full residential population this fall.

AS OF JULY 24, 2020

New social norms, pandemic resources, and enhanced cleaning protocols will all be implemented. As we continue to combat the pandemic, residential students will be asked to take responsibility and to do their part, as well.

How many residential students can be housed on campus? 

The Housing and Residence Education Program can house approximately 1,368 at standard capacity.

Are residential students trained on maintaining healthy living practices? 

Residential students will be provided training and resources to assist in maintaining and monitoring a safe living environment. Residential students are being encouraged to make every effort to keep living spaces clean and sanitized, just as they would at home.

Communal spaces in residence halls including bathrooms, lobbies, and hallways will be cleaned and sanitized once daily by the University staff.

How will physical distancing options be implemented? 

Students are being encouraged to take multiple safety measures while residing on campus, including but not limited to the following: wearing face-coverings, maintaining appropriate physical distancing from others, being mindful of interaction with other members of the community, etc.

If students have to be quarantined or isolated, how will that be implemented? 

Once a student has been identified as needing to be quarantined or isolated, the University will respond accordingly. There are a number of isolation spaces that have been reserved for use if needed. Additionally, students residing in University Commons Apartments/Suites may be asked to quarantine with roommates in their assigned apartment/suite, due to direct or indirect exposure to an infected roommate/suitemate.

  • If isolation is required, how will students receive meals, course instruction and other support services? If a student is isolated, designated staff will deliver meals to the student. Students should follow-up directly with their faculty concerning instruction inquiries. Other support services will be provided as needed and determined necessary for each case and situation.
  • Will quarantined students receive wellness checks (physical and emotional) visits on a regular basis? Wellness checks will occur as determined necessary and appropriate.

What are the expectations of students in common spaces (wearing of face coverings, cleaning protocols, use of area, etc.)? 

Students are expected to wear face coverings at all times in residence halls when physical distancing cannot be maintained. Students should also wash hands regularly, and consider actively cleaning common areas before and after use.

Will plant operations provide extra cleaning protocols for the living spaces? If so, what? 

The University has enacted advanced cleaning protocols throughout campus and has continued to encourage (and educate) students on self-awareness cleaning protocols for their individual living spaces.

Will there be dedicated entrances and exits for buildings (where possible)? 

Not at this time. Most University buildings provide plenty of physical distancing options for the entry and exit of facilities.