Our Mission

Within the parameters of the mission of the University and the Division of Student Development, the Housing and Residence Education Department provides safe and comfortable accommodations that are conducive to the spiritual, academic, and social development of the residential population. Therefore, the Department utilizes staff and peer interaction in a variety of educational opportunities and community building endeavors to enhance student learning and personal development. The Department promotes individual responsibility through policies that encourage personal decision-making and autonomy, while preserving an educational atmosphere that is consistent with the mission of the institution.

Goals and Objectives

To provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment in which students can meet curricular and co-curricular goals 

  • Coordinate with Plant Operations staff to ensure that all spaces have been cleaned and are occupancy-ready for check-in periods,
  • Coordinate with Plant Operations to ensure that all facility needs are addressed in a timely manner,
  • Coordinate with Plant Operations and Business Services to create and maintain a 5-Year Residential Facility Renovation/Refurbishment Master Plan,
  • Coordinate with Housing Staff and other University Personnel as needed to ensure housing rules and regulations are enforced.

To provide out-of-classroom experiences that encourages student growth and development

  • Design, implement, and maintain a departmental programming model that provides effective spiritual-emphasis, educational-emphasis, social-emphasis programmatic opportunities for the residential population,
  • Actively participate in collaborative programmatic efforts with other University Departments to meet the social, educational, and spiritual needs of students,
  • Through intentional one-on-one interaction with Departmental Professional and Paraprofessional Staff, students are informed of University and Departmental policies and expectations.

To structure the campus experience with various administrative functions thereby ensuring the fair and consistent treatment of students in all aspects of campus housing, discipline and health functions that are congruent with the University mission

  • Provide professional development opportunities to professional staff that enables them to be more effective Housing and Residence Education Administrators including but not limited to Conference Attendance and Annual Staff Training Sessions/Retreats,
  • Partner with Campus Partners internal and external to the Division of Student Development in an effort to provide a holistic training experience for Graduate Resident Director and Resident Advisor Staff that enables them to be effective in their roles as facilitators of community development,
  • Create and maintain a Departmental Handbook for professional and paraprofessional staff that clearly and effectively conveys accurate information including but not limited to the following: personnel roles/responsibilities, administrative/operational procedures, emergency procedures, policy enforcement and student conduct procedures, and staff expectations