New Student Housing Information

The Sign-Up Process

All new students are given the opportunity to participate in housing sign-ups, based on the date deposits were received in admissions and also the completion of the online housing application. First-year students are encouraged to select their desired space by participating in an online room selection phase; however, assignment to a specific hall, or roommate, is not always possible.Roommate requests are honored when the space is available and if requests are mutual.

Housing Sign-Up Steps                                         

Login to your WebbConnect

  • Select the Housing-Meals-Vehicle folder
  • Select your Housing Self-Service Portal
  • If you do not know your WebbConnect login information, contact your admissions counselor or Information Technology for help.

Complete the New Student Housing Application and Pay your Deposit

  • Fill out the New Student Housing Application and select your meal plan when prompted to.
  • If you are under the age of 18, a parental verification will be required. An email will be sent to the guardian email that is put on file during the application process. The application will be marked as incomplete until the parental verification is complete.
  • A housing deposit must be paid and put on file for your application to be complete.
  • Complete the New Student HOUSING App 2023-2024 application.

Selecting desired roommates.

  • All pairings must be mutual. It is the student’s responsibility to find and select their roommates prior to entering room selection. All pairings must resolve any conflict prior to the room selection date or the group may not be eligible to participate in room selection.

Login during your appointment time to complete the room selection.

  • For all groups, selection dates and times will be available through the Housing Self-Service Portal.
  • One person of the roommate group will go in and select the desired room for both parties. Students will need to decide what hall and room they want prior to selecting the room to ensure both roommates are happy with the placement.

Important Notes

  • Please note that all assignments made in the portal during the room selection phases are subject to change, due to the needs of the Campus and shifting occupancy needs.
  • Housing and Residence Education will continue to consolidate housing spaces, meaning Housing and Residence Education may move students or assign new roommates to best utilize housing spaces.

*Due to growing enrollment, students are not able to purchase private rooms prior to the add/drop date. We are only offering private rooms to students who have confirmed needs as determined by our NOEL Center for Disability Resources that necessitates a private room.

The following link will take you to the NOEL Center Website, which has instructions on how you can register for services:

Housing Sign-up Dates


New Student Housing Application Opened December 1st


Early Admission Applications and Deposits are due by Jan 25, 2023


New Student Priority Housing Sign-Ups Open: February 27th at 6:00AMNew Student Priority Housing Sign-Ups Close: March 5th 11:59PM


New Student Housing Sign-Ups Re-Open: April 17th 6:00AM

New Student Housing Sign-Ups Close: August 24th 11:59PM