The purpose of this policy is to describe the appropriate use and security for guests of the University connecting to the wireless network GWUguest. All Users of technology connected to the GardnerWebb network are expected to be familiar with each policy contained here within and the consequences of violation as listed below. This policy supersedes all previous Gardner-Webb guest wireless acceptable use policies.

Violation of these contained policies may result in the immediate suspension of computer account and network access pending investigation resolution. Depending on frequency and/or severity, the offender may lose all computer account and network access in addition to facing the appropriate University judicial review. The penalties may include suspension or dismissal from the University and/or criminal prosecution where warranted.

Policy on use of the GWUguest wireless network

  • The “GWUguest” wireless network is for use by individuals who have an affiliation with the university; meaning vendors, parents of GWU students, visiting lecturers, alumni, camps, conference attendees, etc.
  • The “GWUguest” wireless network is NOT for use by community residents, or students
  • Use of the “GWUguest” wireless implies that the user has read and agrees to the GWU acceptable use policy and all other applicable laws and regulations
  • Use of the “GWUguest” wireless network is for legal purposes only. Illegal use is prohibited and violators may be subject to punitive action.
  • Use of the “GWUguest” network for illegal activities will result in immediate termination of service and notification of applicable law enforcement agencies. Illegal activities may include obscenity, threats, harassment, defamation, theft, copyright infringement, unauthorized access to network/computer resources, fraud, distribution of malware/malicious software, sending unsolicited bulk messages etc.
  • The “GWUguest” wireless should not be used to transmit confidential or sensitive information.
  • Users of the “GWUguest” wireless are responsible for the security of their device and the data contained therein.
  • Guest access is at the discretion of Gardner Webb University. Access may be blocked or terminated at any time for any reason. This is at the discretion of the University’s Associate Vice President of Technology Services or the Technology Services Department.