The purchasing of all technology-related equipment and items is coordinated through Technology Services (TS). The following criteria define purchasing options:

I. Items you may purchase yourself or through your department

Departments may purchase items themselves if they do not meet any of the following criteria. Each
item must:

  1. Not be on the list in Part II.
  2. Not have a network interface.

Examples of items departments may purchase include the following:

  1. Digital cameras.
  2. Personal speakers.
  3. Headphones or headsets.
  4. Mice.
  5. Keyboards.
  6. Thumb/flash drives.
  7. Presentation controllers.
  8. Webcams.
  9. Risers.
  10. Mouse pads.
  11. Printer ink or toner.
  12. CD and DVD media.
  13. Power strips and surge protectors.

Technology Services will be happy to recommend products or assist you with purchases from the preceding list.

II. Items that must be purchased through Technology Services

Examples of items departments must purchase through Technology Services include the following:

  1. Desktop, laptop, netbook, and tablet computers.
  2. Monitors and displays.
  3. Servers.
  4. Apple TVs.
  5. Projectors.
  6. TVs.
  7. Digital Signage.
  8. Laser, deskjet, or all-in-one printers.
  9. Interactive white boards.
  10. Document cameras.
  11. Scanners.
  12. Laptop batteries and power cords.
  13. Docking stations.
  14. CD and DVD drives.
  15. Computer or laptop memory; other internal computer parts
  16. Wireless cards.
  17. . Wireless access points.
  18. Hubs (not allowed on campus – new network lines must be installed), switches, wireless routers, or any other equipment considered networking equipment.
  19. External storage drives.
  20. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  21. Any equipment that is to be plugged into our network or integrated into a multimedia room setup.

Academic & Administrative Requests:

  • An e-mail request for the item or product, including quantity and use for the item, should be sent to the Assistant Vice-President for Technology Services, Didi Ledbetter ([email protected]).
  • In all cases where possible, TS will obtain two (2) or more quotes from university approved vendors to ensure the best pricing possible. TS will also verify that the requested items will be compatible with the university network and other existing equipment. Quotes will then be provided to the requesting party for purchase consideration.
  • The requesting party should then notify the Assistant Vice-President for Technology Services, via e-mail, of his or her intent to proceed with the purchase. The request should include a funding source, such as a budget number, from which to make the purchase.
  • Approval will then be sought from the department chair, dean, vice-president, the President, or other party authorized to spend from the funding source provided. Purchases of $250 or more will need approval from the appropriate vice-president, associate provost, or the Provost. Available funds will be verified with the Controller.
  • If the request is approved, TS will then submit the order via PO or credit card charge
  • Upon receipt of the order, TS will verify the correct item has been received and is in good condition. A work order will be opened for a TS technician to install or deliver the item(s) as soon as possible.
  • The invoice will be processed by TS in coordination with Accounts Payable
  • A copy of the PO and invoice will be provided to the requesting party upon request

Donated or Personal Hardware

Donated Equipment: All technology equipment being considered for donation to the university should be approved by the Associate Vice-President for Technology Services, Greg Humphries ([email protected]) prior to the acceptance of the donation. If approved for donation, the Associate VP for Technology Services will then coordinate with the Vice President for Development for acceptance of the gift and appropriate tax receipts.

Personal Equipment: Users desiring to connect personal monitors, printers, or other computer equipment to university-owned equipment or the university network should first contact the Associate Vice-President for Technology Services, Greg Humphries ([email protected]), or the Assistant Vice-President for Technology Services, Didi Ledbetter ([email protected]). Exceptions include connecting personal laptops and mobile devices to the university wireless network.