As a member of the faculty/staff of Gardner-Webb University, you are afforded an opportunity to participate in the work at home subscription of the Microsoft Office Professional Suite under the Microsoft Campus 3.0 agreement.

Work at Home Rights

During the licensed period covered by Gardner-Webb, you are licensed to use Microsoft Office at school and have the right to run one copy on a home computer you own or lease, for school-related purposes only.


You are licensed to run the Microsoft Office Professional Suite products only as part of the University Microsoft Campus 3.0 agreement. The package includes Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access. In the event that Microsoft and/or Gardner-Webb terminates their Campus 3.0 agreement, your work at home license will be revoked at the end of the agreement period. Faculty/Staff are licensed for one copy only to be run on a home PC that you own or lease. Those University members not meeting this requirement are not eligible to participate. Only University personnel are licensed to use the products at home and are subject to the restrictions below.


The right to run the software is limited as follows:

  1. Microsoft does not assign any copyright. Your right to run the software is expressly limited to the rights described in the campus agreement.
  2. Neither the University nor its users may separate the components by running them on different computers or by transferring them separately.
  3. Neither the University nor its users may rent, lease, commercially host or lend any copy of the software.
  4. Neither the University nor its users may reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software.
  5. Neither the University nor its users may make copies of the software and distribute them on media to student users
  6. In order to run any version of a Microsoft Windows operating system you must have a valid license for a Microsoft Windows operating system on each PC on which the software is run.
  7. Software licensed to you is covered via the agreement between Gardner-Webb University and the Microsoft Corporation under the guidelines of the Campus 3.0 “Restricted Rights.”

The software is of US-origin. You agree to comply with all applicable international and national law that apply to this software, including the US Export Administration Regulation, as well as end-user, end-use and destination restrictions issued by the US and other governments.


Your rights are personal to you and as a result you may not transfer or otherwise assign your agreement or your rights or obligations under your agreement to any third party, except by Microsoft’s express prior written consent.


Microsoft and/or Gardner-Webb University reserve the right to cancel this agreement without notice. In the event of a cancellation of the Work at Home program, your separation from Gardner-Webb or termination of the Campus 3.0 agreement with Microsoft, you must immediately perform the following:

  1. You must remove all copies of the software from your home computer.
  2. You must acknowledge in writing the removal of the software from your home computer
  3. You must destroy all copies of the media containing the software.

By virtue of the Microsoft Campus 3.0 agreement with Gardner-Webb University I acknowledge with my signature the “work at home rights” and agree to adhere to the licensing agreement as listed above.

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