Computers and printers are provided as needed to all Gardner-Webb employees based on individual need and work responsibilities.

In general, it is the expectation of the University that part-time employees, graduate assistants, and work study students who need computer access would make use of existing equipment in the offices where they are assigned. Technology Services can assist in the process of creating separate log-ins and passwords in order to protect confidential information residing on computers. In those rare instances where extenuating circumstances would require assignment of a separate computer to a work study student, graduate assistant, or part-time employee, the request will need to be authorized by the Vice President of Business and Finance and the Provost. Requests should be directed to the office of Technology Services through an online form. Please review the required information below before logging in to complete the form. The form requires the following information:

  • Name of the person making the request
  • Name and title of the person who will be using the equipment
  • Description of the equipment being requested
  • Description of the work that is to be done which requires the equipment
  • The approximate time which will be spent using the equipment (e.g., hours per week)
  • Number of computers currently assigned to the division or department
  • Level of use of other computers in the division or department
  • Name of dean, chair or division head approving the request
  • Budget line which will fund the request

Rev. 8/9/13