Software Code of Ethics and Software Purchase & Installation Policy

Gardener-Webb University is dedicated to the legal and ethical use of software products. Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted computer software violates the law and is contrary to our organization’s standards of conduct. The law is as follows: illegal duplication of computer software may constitute criminal copyright infringement which is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and imprisonment for up to five years. Federal civil penalties allow the recovery of actual damages based upon the number of copies produced or statutory damages ranging up to $100,000 per product for willful copyright infringement.

In an effort to support standards concerning the ethical use of intellectual material and to eliminate exposing the university to any legal liability, the following Software Code of Ethics and Software Purchase & Installation Policy has been adopted.

Software Code of Ethics

  • We will neither engage in nor tolerate the making or using of unauthorized copies under any circumstances.
  • We will provide legally acquired software to meet legitimate software needs in a timely fashion and in sufficient quantities.
  • We will comply with all license or purchase terms regulating the use of any software we acquire or use.
  • We will enforce strong internal controls to prevent the making or using of unauthorized copies, including effective measures to verify compliance with these standards and appropriate disciplinary measures for violation of these standards.

By following the process below, a person can access software which is properly licensed and accounted for. Any software acquired otherwise will be regarded as unauthorized usage.

Software Purchase & Installation Policy

Important Notice: No department or individual on campus should purchase or sign a contract for software without prior approval in writing from the Associate Vice-President for Technology Services (Greg Humphries – [email protected]).

Access and Authorized Purchase and Usage

Access and authorized purchase of software applications that will reside on University owned computers or in the cloud requires a written request identifying the software needed, including version, number of users required and justification of explanation of need. Requests should be directed from department chairs or supervisors through the following contacts in Technology Services:

Academic & Administrative Requests:

  • Associate Vice-President for Technology Services (Greg Humphries – [email protected]) or Assistant Vice-President for Technology Services (Didi Ledbetter – [email protected])

Authorization shall then be granted based upon need, appropriate licensing, software availability, available funding, and approval through the Academic/Administrative Vice Presidents.

Enterprise Level Software Purchase

Enterprise Level Software Purchased as an add-on or addition to Gardner-Webb University’s student system Banner must use the following process:

  1. End users and administrators of the potential new systems must submit a request to the Associate VP of Technology Services (Greg Humphries – [email protected]) explaining the need for the additional software and features.
  2. All of Gardner-Webb’s current software systems will be checked for the ability to meet the requested need. This is done to ensure stewardship of Gardner-Webb’s resources if we already own a satisfactory product.
  3. Once it is determined that no software currently owned or leased by Gardner-Webb will meet the requested need, the VP of Technology Services (Greg Humphries – [email protected]) will communicate with the requestor on proceeding with research.
  4. The research for a potential new system must include:
    • At least three different vendors supplying solutions to the need
    • A fourth vendor would be any Banner product that would meet the need that Gardner-Webb does not currently license.
  5. Once the end users and administrators have selected a potential new system vendor, then Technology Services will be informed and a meeting is required to discuss integration, Single sign on, and timeline. It is at this point that funding for the new system will need to be approved by the VP of Finance.

Donated or Personal Software Applications

The installation of any software on university computers is prohibited without prior written approval. This includes, but is not limited to, donated or personal software, or software purchased through unauthorized channels using university funds. To obtain approval, Technology Services must verify that such an installation on a university computer would not violate any licensing agreement, copyright, or university policy. Technology Services can only provide customer support for university licensed software.

Unauthorized Usage

Gardner-Webb University will not tolerate any employee making unauthorized copies of software. Any employee found copying software other than for backup purposes or who gives software to another person is subject to termination and/or other appropriate disciplinary action.

If you know of any illegal copying or installing of software, please contact:

  • Greg Humphries
  • Technology Services
  • Campus Box 7310
  • Extension 4647

Periodic audits will be conducted to ensure compliance with these policies.