The Gardner-Webb logos are central to the University’s visual identity and should be used on all communications and branding materials within the organization, including official university documents, branding collateral, marketing materials, stationery, business cards and on the website. Using the logo in a consistent manner will enhance the recognition of the logo within the community.

Scaling and Proportion

The Gardner-Webb logos must always be scaled proportionally, so that they do not stretch either vertically or horizontally. PRO TIP: When scaling the logo, hold down the shift key to keep the logo proportional.


The horizontal logo must be at least 1.5 inches wide on any print form. The vertical logo must also always be at least 1 inch wide on any print form.

Clear Space Requirements

To ensure the impact and integrity of the logo, a certain amount of white space is required around the logo on all sides. A space of ‘x’ (marked in the example provided), which is measured from the height of the logotype, should be given on all sides of the logo.

Unacceptable Logo Treatments

Do not alter the logo in any way, including changing the type, the spacing, the size of the mark or adding outlines or embellishments.

  • Do not stretch
    • Pro Tip: To scale the logo proportionally hold down the shift key as the scale is adjusted
  • Do not distort
  • Do not change the typeface
  • Do not add a stroke
  • Do not add a drop shadow
  • Do not place on a non-GWU color
  • Do not isolate logo parts
    • This is only permissible with written approval from University Marketing and Communications.
  • Do not alter spacing
  • Do not make new shapes
  • Do not add photos or graphics

Logo Treatment on Photography

Proper Logo Treatment

When using the logo on top of a photograph, the area of the photo behind the logo should be burned. This requires a very soft-edged darkening in the area where the logo will be placed. This is different than adding a drop shadow or solid black box, neither of which are acceptable. The logo should be placed on a part of the photograph that is not busy. Burning should look natural, not manufactured or forced.

imProper Logo Treatment