The Office of University Communications (UComm), which manages external news content, the Gardner-Webb Magazine, general communications and media relations, is charged with the task of conveying the mission of Gardner-Webb to a variety of audiences.

In addition to covering campus news and events, publishing news stories on the Gardner-Webb NewsCenter and a number of media outlets, the department also publishes the Gardner-Webb Magazine. The magazine informs alumni, parents and friends of the University of the life at Gardner-Webb and the activities of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

In the event of an on-campus emergency, the Division of University Communications and Marketing will clearly communicate the University’s response to the situation to the Gardner-Webb community and the public.

General Information

Most college offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern. The GWU switchboard (704) 406-4000 and GWU Police (704) 406-4444 are available 24 hours a day. For a complete listing of college departments, offices, programs, and services, check out the offices and departments index.

To explore our fact sheet, history, mission and general Gardner-Webb information, see the About Us section on the website.

Fact Sheet and University Data

If you are interested in facts, figures or history highlights for Gardner-Webb you can access that information through our fact sheet or the institutional fact book.

For Reporters

Reporters should contact Noel T. Manning II, associate vice president for University Relations at [email protected] or (704) 406-4631 for all media inquiries.

If you are searching for an expert opinion, or insight on issues relating to our world, we can connect you with specialists, thought leaders and subject matter experts. To get in touch with any of our topic authorities, please reach out to our team.

Media Visits to Campus

The Gardner-Webb University campus is private property. The rights of students not to be photographed, recorded or interviewed should be respected. Media members should reach out to the University Communications Office prior to any campus visit for on-location coverage. This office serves as the central connection to the University property and community for the media even if a faculty or staff member, or student or student group offers an invitation. Media members should contact our office and provide a detailed description of the potential visit in advance. The request should be accompanied by a specific date, estimated time of arrival and departure from campus, and names of all crew members. Media are requested to clearly display valid credentials upon request.

Experts Bureau

Politics, healthcare, cultural relationships, and exploring the intersection of life and our place in society are all topics of relevance to nearly everyone.

If you are searching for expert analysis and perspectives on the issues of our world, Gardner-Webb University has a wealth of expertise within our faculty to address a multitude of topics.

Contact the Office of University Communications at Gardner-Webb University for your connection to the GWU Experts Bureau. Call (704) 406-4631 or e-mail ([email protected]) for more information.

The following are just a few examples of topics and experts.

Dr. Tracy Arnold, Dean, Hunt School of Nursing
Associate Professor of Nursing

Dr. Anna Hamrick, Associate Dean, Hunt School of Nursing
Associate Professor of Nursing

Dr. Nicole Waters, Associate Provost College of Health Sciences

Dr. Bruce Boyles, Associate Provost, Professional and Graduate Studies
Professor, Ed.D., College of Education

Dr. Prince Bull, Dean and Professor, College of Education

Dr. Lane Wesson, Professor of Education Coordinator of Teacher Education

Dr. Jeff Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Ed.D. DEOL Program Coordinator

Dr. Sheldon Gathers, Assistant Professor of Business

Dr. Christine Sutton, Assistant Professor of Business

Mischia Taylor, Dean and Instructor, Godbold College of Business

Dr. Elizabeth Amato, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dr. Don Berry, Professor of Religious Studies (Islam expert)

Dr. Anna Sieges-Beal, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Dr. Eddie Stepp, Professor of Religious Studies

Dr. Lorell Gordon, Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Iva NaydenovaAssociate Professor of Psychology and Counseling

Dr. Brooke Thompson, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Meredith Rowe, Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Joseph Oyugi, Professor of Biology

Campus Photographs and Video

Gardner-Webb University maintains a wide collection of campus images online at We encourage you to observe all copyright and credit information if using any of these images.

Event Access

While many Gardner-Webb events are open to the public, they are not generally open for media coverage unless special advanced permission is granted by the University Communications Office. Media attending events may conduct interviews at or during an event and shoot photos and footage inside classrooms, libraries, residence halls, and other Gardner-Webb facilities with advanced approval.

Media crews should always contact the University Communications Office for assistance with identifying appropriate locations for on-campus shoots or interviews. Individuals or crews using cameras may be accompanied by a GWU staff member to assist during the visit.

For Faculty and Staff (Media Relations Policies and Procedures)

The Office of University Communications (UComm) serves as the liaison and designated point of contact between the news media and Gardner-Webb University. Media outreach and interactions on behalf of GWU should be coordinated through UComm (704) 406-4631 or (704) 406-2542.

  • As a general rule, only the President, the Vice President of Marketing and the staff of UComm (or designees) should speak on behalf of Gardner-Webb. Unless they are designated to speak on behalf of the University, faculty and staff should make every effort to indicate that they do not speak on behalf of the institution.
  • Members of the media may make “cold calls” to faculty or staff members directly because of their scholarly work or professional expertise. Before agreeing to speak to the media, faculty and staff should direct them to UComm. UComm will coordinate interviews upon consultation with appropriate representatives (President, Vice President of Marketing, Provost, etc.).
  • Faculty and staff may have preexisting relationships with members of the media. For example, faculty and staff may be providing on-going commentary or professional insights for articles, news segments or the like. In this event, faculty and staff should make UComm aware of the relationship and on-going partnership in advance of any content distribution.
  • It is entirely possible that media may use personal social accounts of employees to pull content for a story without permission. While there is no prohibition on mentioning where you work, faculty and staff should place a disclaimer on personal social profiles stating that the opinions and thoughts shared are personal opinions and not those of Gardner-Webb. An example is reflected in the Gardner-Webb Social Media Guidelines.
  • A reminder to employees when dealing with the media: Be cordial at all times, but it is entirely appropriate to be firm in acknowledging that media inquiries must be redirected to UComm.
  • On occasion, faculty or staff may host an event or activity they feel is worthy of media coverage. During those times, event/activity hosts should utilize the UComm office to connect with the media for possible coverage. Event/activity hosts should not contact the media directly.
  • If media representatives attempt to interview non-designated employees on or off company property, it is appropriate for the employee to refer reporters to UComm.
  • These policies are in keeping with the Statement on Academic Freedom and Responsibility located within the Gardner-Webb Faculty Handbook.


University News

The Gardner-Webb NewsCenter is a source for updated and archived University news content, including information about students, alumni, events and more. The NewsCenter also provides contact information for the Gardner-Webb University Relations team, a University fact sheet and links to the online GWU magazine and photo archive.

The Gardner-Webb Magazine

Gardner-Webb:The Magazine is the official magazine for Gardner-Webb University. The Office of University Marketing and Communications publishes the magazine and produces one issue each year. Since 2013, The Gardner-Webb Magazine has received numerous awards including the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District III Award of Excellence, The Communicator Awards, the Hermes Creative Awards, and the Collegiate Advertising Awards.

Faculty Emeriti Book

The “Gardner-Webb University Faculty Emeriti” book honors the contributions of some of the University’s most distinguished faculty members. The publication, which is available online, includes biographies and historical photos of Gardner-Webb’s emeriti faculty and presidents, as well as a comprehensive University history. More than 40 total faculty members have received the emeriti rank, which is reserved for those who have retired from full-time teaching at Gardner-Webb with at least 15 years of service as a faculty member. A book honoring GWU emeriti was first released in 1994. A third edition was completed in 2016.

Contact Us

  • Noel Manning

    Noel Manning

    Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing

    (704) 406-4631

  • Jackie Bridges

    Assistant Director of University Communications

    (704) 406-2542