What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a Brand Name – it can be a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of another. Gardner-Webb University controls the words, phrases, insignias and designs that have come to represent the University to the public.

The Official Registered University Logos

To ensure that Gardner-Webb University is viewed as a disciplined and focused institution with a strong sense of identity, it is necessary to present a consistent and clearly defined image of the University. To achieve this, it is essential that the elements that serve to define the University’s image are used consistently.

The words “Gardner-Webb University” identify our institution. As used in the University’s registered marks, they present a sense of Gardner-Webb’s brand, mission and culture.

For your convenience, official Gardner-Webb logos and usage guidelines are available through the Office of Creative Services. The samples provided are the official branded logos. Any variation of the logos is not permitted unless approved by the Office of Creative Services.

The following items are officially registered and licensed and should never be used for merchandising or representation without expressed written permission: “The Gardner-Webb University Seal”, “The Gardner-Webb University Runnin’ Bulldog logo”, the name – “GWU” and the name “Gardner-Webb.” Any variation of those words or letters used for purposes to reflect, represent or misrepresent the University is under protection as well.

The Gardner-Webb Mascot

The Gardner-Webb University mascot is the Runnin’ Bulldog. To maintain consistency of the University identity, the Office of Creative Services must supply graphic depictions of the mascot. Use of any other variation or type of bulldog mascot is not permitted for distribution without written permission of the Office of Creative Services.

The Official Gardner-Webb Colors

The official Gardner-Webb University primary colors are black and PMS 186.

The Name of the University

The first text reference in any manuscript or publication should always be “Gardner-Webb University.” After that, “Gardner-Webb” or “the University” is permitted. Although allowed, use of “GWU” should be limited.

Who Manages the Gardner-Webb License?

The Office of University Relations manages the trademark and licensing for Gardner-Webb University, and Learfield Communications, Inc. provides management for merchandise support and legal protections. Learfield currently represents more than 100 universities, athletic conferences and special interests. Learfield works with the University to ensure that the use of any Gardner-Webb trademark is consistent with the standards and goals of the University. Learfield helps facilitate the licensing process for licensees; executes licensing agreements; monitors the marketplace for unlicensed use of trademarks; collects royalties and conducts compliance review audits of licensed manufacturers.

Our Goal

The purpose of the Gardner-Webb licensing program is to ensure that GWU’s Brand Identity is properly represented on products and services marketed to the public. The licensing program is responsible for determining if a product and design is consistent with the goals and image of the University and its licensing efforts, and to ensure the quality, liability, production and distribution of products meets the University’s standards.

Policies for Using Vendors for Licensed Merchandise

Student organizations, University departments and schools who wish to use Gardner-Webb marks on apparel (such as t-shirts, hats or golf shirts) and gift items (such as mugs, key chains, umbrellas, jewelry, etc.) must use a manufacturer or vendor licensed with GWU. The Office of Creative Services will design and process all orders throughout this process.

What is the Licensing Process for Vendors?

Any manufacturer or vendor wishing to produce products bearing the marks of Gardner-Webb University should become licensed by:

  • Contacting Learfield at (573) 893-7200 or downloading an application from the Learfield website.
  • Submit completed application to Learfield for approval.
  • Submit a signed Standard Licensing Agreement issued by Learfield.
  • Maintain a current certificate of product liability insurance.
  • Submit all “Gardner-Webb” products to Learfield for review, consideration and approval.
  • Forward administration fee and applicable royalty advances to Learfield.

University Contact Information

  • Noel Manning

    Noel Manning

    Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing

    (704) 406-4631