Military Science Minor Courses

The Minor in Military Science is open to all Gardner-Webb University students, regardless if they are willing to contract with the United States Army. A Minor in Military Science provides expertise in leadership, ethics, professionalism, briefing techniques, national security issues, American history, team-building, and military law, as well as written and oral communication skills. Experience gained through this minor would be an advantage to any student interested in future government employment. Applications to request this minor must be processed by the Department of Military Science.

The minor provides students with an opportunity to study leadership in a contemporary operational environment with a focus on military involvement in political decisions, while also recognizing that the academic study of Military Science is intrinsically linked to political and international relations with focus on particular aspects of leadership. In addition to taking courses in Military Science, students participating in this minor would select a course pertaining to military history-related topics that impact the social, economic, and political environment.


A Minor in Military Science consists of a minimum of 19 credit hours, including 16 credit hours at the 300-level and above within the department and one American military history-related course.

Required Core Courses (16 Credit Hours)

  • MSCI 311 – Adaptive Team Leadership (3)
  • MSCI 311L – Adaptive Team Leadership Lab (1)
  • MSCI 312 – Applied Team Leadership (3)
  • MSCI 312L – Applied Team Leadership Lab (1)
  • MSCI 411 – Developing Adaptive Leaders (3)
  • MSCI 411L – Developing Adaptive Leaders Lab (1)
  • MSCI 412 – Leadership in a Complex World (3)
  • MSCI 412L – Leadership in a Complex World Lab (1)