Monthly Payment Plan

Information shown on your online billing screen will include more specific information concerning billing and payment issues including the payment due date, fees and interest associated with the Monthly Payment Plan, and any penalties for late payment

You can access detailed Online Billing instructions for your particular program by the following links. 

The top portion of the billing page reflects your class schedule. The middle of the page includes charges to the left and anticipated credits to the right. A remaining balance, indicating any amount for which the student remains personally responsible and its due date, is included below the charge section.

Additional links will be listed at the bottom of the online billing page including the insurance wavier form and a link for paying via credit or debit card. Also included is a link for the deferred payment plan (print out a copy before submitting; the first payment must be submitted in order for a deferred plan to be formally established).

Please note: The deadline for making payment in full, or for completing all requirements for financial aid or a deferred payment plan, will always occur at the beginning of the semester during the first full week of class. The actual due date will be provided by the online billing each semester.