Come play along with The Sound of the Springs!

Join the Marching Bulldogs for a game day experience. This is a free event! All you need to do is register below. Come play the Star-Spangled Banner during pre-game, a song during half time, tunes in the stands and a parade on homecoming! This event is open to all high school students. We’re looking forward to having you with us!

What to expect at Band Day

Step One:

Registration online. Please follow the link below to complete the registration. Once registration is completed, sheet music including the Star-Spangled Banner and half time music will be emailed. 

Available Band Day Dates –

  • October 21st
  • October 28th – Homecoming
  • November 18th

Step Two:

Please be prepared to play the Star-Spangled Banner and half time music for the date of your game day.

Step Three:

Arrive to GWU campus, enjoy a brief rehearsal with the Marching Bulldogs, lunch, and game day experience. If you or your school will be attending on the 28th. You are welcome to join us in our homecoming parade!

Ticket Information:

Any performer participating in Band Day has free admission for the football game. Parents, family, and friends wishing to attend the game need to purchase tickets through the GWU ticket office. 

Game Day Information:

During the game, Band Day performers will sit in the reserved section of the stadium. Parents, family, and friends will be able to sit close by.

What to bring:

  • Instrument/Equipment
  • Sheet Music in Flip Folder/Binder and Lyre
  • High School Band Uniform
  • Check the weather (be prepared for rainy weather)
  • Water bottle for rehearsal
  • Money for concessions 


Band Day performers please represent your high schools proudly by wearing your marching band uniforms. Participants can wear athletic type clothes for our morning rehearsal but should plan to wear their high school marching band uniform for the performance. We recommend bringing your uniform in a garment bag (name included) for safe keeping. There will be time for changing before our pre-game warm-up. 

Personal Storage:

Uniforms, instrument cases, and other personal belongings will be stored in our facilities. Please make sure you have your first and last name and your high school clearly marked on all of your belongings in case anything gets left behind.

Contact us:

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or specific need, please let us know. Email Dr. Sarah Fabian @ [email protected].

students at band day

Meet the Director

Dr. Sarah Fabian, Director of Athletic Bands