Obtaining Your Transcript

Requesting a Transcript

For Students Who Attended Gardner-Webb in 1991 or After

For students who attended Gardner-Webb University in 1991 or after, online transcripts requests can be made via the  opens in a new windowNational Student Clearinghouse or in person at Registrar Services in several formats:

  • Mailed or Electronic: Through the  opens in a new windowNational Student Clearinghouse, current and former students can request electronic transcripts in the form of a PDF or mailed paper transcripts. The charge for PDF or USPS mailed transcripts is $15.00 per transcript plus a small convenience fee.
  • Mailed transcripts are printed on security paper, bear the official University seal and signature of the University Registrar, and are mailed directly to other institutions or agencies in sealed envelopes. Transcripts will not be considered official if faxed or emailed.
  • Electronic transcripts are secure PDF documents delivered either to a participating university via Electronic Transfer or to an individual through the  opens in a new windowNational Student Clearinghouse’s secure portal. PDF transcripts are processed and delivered on demand. Please note that it may not be possible to produce electronic PDF transcripts for students who attended prior to 1991. If a PDF transcript is sent directly to a student’s personal email address, it will NOT be considered official.
  • opens in a new windowTrack Your Transcript Order

For Students Who Attended Gardner-Webb prior to 1991

Students who attended Gardner-Webb University prior to 1991 are encouraged to use the National Student Clearinghouse portal as an initial step. Many of the pre-1991 students have been entered into the new computer system and is available for online requests. If after attempting the National Student Clearinghouse portal and your student information was not found, please go to our Transcript Request Form to request an official or unofficial transcript.


Veterans needing to request an official transcript should use our Transcript Request Form.  

Other Important Information

Note: Previous Gardner-Webb University students applying for re-admission or to other admission portals of the University do NOT need to request an official transcript. In the case that you do electronically request your official transcript from Gardner-Webb University, your money will not be refunded.