2020-2025 Strategic Plan

I. Enrollment, Retention and Student Success

Commitment 1 

We will make our University a destination of first choice for an increasing number of students from around the state, from across the region, and beyond.

Objective 1. 

We will coordinate with Operations, Business Services, and Student Development to continue to update the residential communities from a facilities standpoint.

Metric 1.1. 

The annual student satisfaction survey will be used to help identify areas of concern associated with the condition of our facilities from a student perspective.

Metric 1.2. 

The annual student satisfaction survey will be used to help identify what students are satisfied with as it pertains to our facilities.

Objective 2. 

We will coordinate with Undergraduate Admissions (Dawg Days, Accepted Student Day, Jumpstart, Ignite Excellence) to provide electronic copies of promotional materials, providing regular updates concerning the housing application/assignment processes in order to recruit and assist students through the onboarding process.

Metric 2.1. 

We will gather informal feedback from Undergraduate Admissions concerning whether we met the needs of prospective students at Admissions Events.

Metric 2.2. 

We will review satisfaction Feedback received by Undergraduate Admissions from new/incoming students.

Objective 3. 

The Student Development Office will partner with the Alumni Office and University Marketing to track, share and promote professional success stories of students and alumni.

Metric 3.1. 

We will measure the number of students employed and/or going to graduate school upon graduation to include these numbers and their increases with Enrollment and Marketing to continue to promote Gardner-Webb University’s reputation as a first choice for professional readiness.

Metric 3.2. 

We will measure the increase in participation of alumni in our professional development programming as speakers, panelist, networkers, mentors and employers.

Metric 3.3. 

We will implement diversity, equity, and inclusion lessons within University 111 classes so students are able to gain a clear understanding of how Gardner-Webb University defines these terms, and has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination from the start of their college career.

II. Strengthening GWU’s Financial Base

Commitment 2

We will increase and diversify the sources of revenue needed to sustain the growth and strengthening of our vibrant, comprehensive University.

Objective 4. 

The Student Development Staff explore solicitation of corporate sponsorships and partnerships for professional development programming such as industry panels, job fairs and networking events, to garner support for residential facility renovations/refurbishments and the creation of new residential facilities to meet the needs of our students.

Metric 4.1. 

We will track and measure the increase in the number of corporate sponsorships and partnerships we secure.

III. Become An Indispensable Partner To The Town, County, and Region

Commitment 3

Gardner-Webb University is a private university with a very public mission. We will increase our positive impact in the broader community and in the region by partnering with those who share our interest in improving the quality of life in Cleveland County and beyond.

Objective 5. 

The Center for Personal and Professional Development will develop additional “talent pipelines” through local and regional employers to increase the number of internship and employment opportunities in our area to have a direct impact on the economy and community.

Metric 5.1. 

We will track and measure the increase in the number of regional internship and employment opportunities our graduates secure.

Objective 6. 

The Center for Personal and Professional Development will work with The Office of Christian Life and Service to develop and promote more local opportunities for student organizations to serve in as well as share stories of this service with University Marketing for promotional use.

Metric 6.1. 

We will track and measure the increase in the number of local service opportunities in which our clubs participate.

Objective 7. 

The Student Development Division will coordinate with the Town of Boiling Springs on programmatic initiatives that the Residents of Boiling Springs will want to participate in as well as our students: WebbStock, Charity 5k Races, Parades, and Back Pack Food Program.

Metric 7.1. 

We will track the number of participates that are involved with these events. We will also track University participation at the events.

IV. Respect Our Heritage, Extend Our Brand, and Sharpen Our Identity

Commitment 4. 

We will achieve and sustain a reputation as North Carolina’s leader in Christian higher education.

Objective 8. 

The Student Development Office will offer service trips over Fall Break to help serve others in Jesus Christ.

Metric 8.1. 

We will measure the number of opportunities offered and the number of students participating.

Objective 9. 

The University Counseling center will offer counseling with a Christ centered approach for our GWU Students.

Metric 9.1. 

We will measure the number of students who have visited the Counseling center.

Objective 10. 

The Student Development Office will offer on campus and off campus programming opportunities, including guest speakers, for students that is Christ-centered.

Metric 10.1. 

We will measure the number of students who have participated in the various programs.