natural sciences student using a microscope

The Department of Natural Sciences strives to help students develop a strong science background and critical thinking skills through meaningful experiences in and out of the classroom.

The department aims to prepare students for productive professional careers or for entry into graduate or professional schools. Balancing an interdisciplinary science foundation, the department maintains allegiance to Christian values, including faith, stewardship, ethics, and social responsibility.

GWU’s Department of Natural Sciences offers three majors: Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Graduates from these programs receive comprehensive instruction in their discipline within the context of a Christian environment.

  • Dr. David Campbell

    Professor of Paleontology, Chair, Department of Natural Sciences

    (704) 406-4367

The classes and the faculty helped inspire me and led me down the path that I’m on today. I loved physiology and the complexity of understanding how so many processes in the body work together to produce an effect.”
— Michael Byron ’14
Dr. Venita Totten (professor of chemistry) made a major impact on my academic career. I really appreciated the student-directed classes she instructed.”
— Kaylan Kelsey ’18
I always knew that my Gardner-Webb professors would help me with anything, whether it had to do with their class or not. They pushed us to do great things.”
— Makenzie Reynolds ’18