police officer and student reading a brochure

The Department of Public Service provides a Criminal Justice Administration Bachelor of Science major for traditional students, and two Degree Completion Bachelor of Science Majors, Human Services and Criminal Justice.

The Department provides a student-centered program of study based on current law enforcement, societal and political demands of criminal justice officers designed to meet the growing local, national, international law enforcement and homeland security concerns.

The courses offered by the Department of Public Service will prepare students with a level of higher education that includes increased critical-thinking, ethical decision-making, and multi-cultural communication skills in addition to providing a solid foundation of technical and professional skills to address the needs of our evolving, complex society. While developing knowledge in social, political science, and legal areas, the curriculum will prepare students to address 21st century domestic and global criminal justice issues in specialized careers in local, state, and federal criminal justice systems.

  • Dr. Bobbie Cox

    Professor and Chair, Department of Public Service

    (704) 406-4627

The environment here is phenomenal. The faculty and staff are involved in my life. They care about me and hold me accountable. Here, I matter and I can make a difference. That’s the kind of school I want to be a part of.”
— Lauren Mahoney ’18
As I moved up the highway patrol organization, the skills I learned at GWU allowed me to be prepared for the administrative aspects and to be a forward and futuristic thinker.”
— Brian Regan ’08
All of the criminal justice classes that I took were absolutely inspiring, and I learned so much about the criminal justice field.”
— Alexis Williams ’19