Religious Studies classroom

The Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy will extend your understanding of religion and culture through Biblical study and analysis, develop your research and critical thinking skills, and prepare you for ministry and service careers.

Your professors will challenge you to examine many points of view within the world around you, while a number of student organizations and internships will present opportunities to gain real-world experience and serve others.

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Ministry Scholarships

Students majoring in the Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy who are planning a career in ministry are eligible for special scholarship aid. Click here for more information.

  • Scott Shauf

    Dr. Scott Shauf

    Professor of Religious Studies, Department Chair

    (704) 406-2140

This department has given me such a deeper understanding of the world around me and the Bible’s call to action. All of my classes have helped give me a better global understanding and sense of compassion for people that I used to not care about. Being able to connect the message of the Bible to our world today is a skill that I’ll use for the rest of my life!”
— Abigail Hackworth, ’20
The whole environment of Gardner-Webb was very influential in shaping my ministry and helping me hear God’s call and direction.”
— Jack Eason ’91
At GWU, I was challenged to make my faith my own. For the first time, I found a faith that was personal and not passed down."
— Shelby Robinson ’17