students working out

The Department of Health, Sport & Physical Education provides a broad range of wellness instruction for undergraduate and graduate students.

From a personal health class and physical-activity courses available to all undergraduates, to training at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels to prepare you to educate others on topics of physical fitness. The department offers the only programs on our campus specifically designed to prepare future Physical and Health Education Teachers and future coaches. 

Your professors and other staff members see you as an individual, not just a student. If I needed help in a class or if something was going on in my personal life, my friends, classmates or professors were always there for me."
— Kyndal Davis ’15
All of my professors truly cared about my success in academics as well as my success in life. I was not just taking a class that these individuals were teaching. These individuals were placed in my path to guide me to meet my greatest potential as a future teacher in health and physical education as well as an industrious person in society.”
— Jody Brent Raduly ‘91
My time at GWU taught me to be adaptable and to be grounded in my faith. I had to trust the process. God put me at GWU for a reason—in this environment that was going to allow me to really appreciate my faith more than ever.”
— Sherika Montgomery ’09