mauney hall building

Building Overview

Mauney Hall consists of four floors with a communal bathroom on each floor. The building also features a lounge, kitchenette, ground-level laundry facility, and is handicap accessible. 

Building Details

Number of Rooms:52
Students Per Room:2
Mattress Type:Extra-Long Twin
Approximate Room Size*:15′ x 12′
Bathroom Type:Communal

Building Amenities


The university provides cable streaming services through SpectrumU TV. This service is available to students through the SpectrumU app or a web browser.


All academic and residential facilities are equipped with wireless access. Computers, phones, and tablets may connect to the GWUwireless network by utilizing Wi-Fi connections. Other devices, such as gaming consoles and streaming devices, may access the GWUdevices network.

Building Location

Need directions to Mauney Hall? Click on the pin to get turn-by-turn instructions.