myers hall housing

Building Overview

Myers Hall consists of two floors with a communal bathroom on each floor. The building also features a laundry facility and lounge on the ground floor. 

Building Details

Number of Rooms:32
Students Per Room:2
Mattress Type:Extra-Long Twin
Approximate Room Size*:18′ x 12′
Bathroom Type:Communal

Building Amenities


All residence halls, suites, and apartments receive basic cable service. Given that the cable service provided is digital, students will need to obtain a television that can receive digital signal, or be willing to obtain a digital converter box. The University is not responsible if the television and/or converter box purchased by the student is not compatible with the cable service provided.

Wireless Network

The wireless network provides: Ethernet access to WEBBNET, the Internet, and email. All academic facilities and residential facilities are equipped to provide wireless access. To take advantage of the wireless network, your computer should have a wireless connection. Other devices such as iPads, PDAs, iPods, and smart phones that are wireless enabled may also be used to access the network.

Building Location

Need directions to Myers Hall?  Click on the pin to get turn-by-turn directions.