royster hall outside

Building Overview

Royster Hall consists of one floor with two communal bathrooms. The building also features a laundry facility, a lounge, a kitchenette, and is handicap accessible. 

Building Details

Number of Rooms:28
Students Per Unit:1-2
Mattress Type:Extra-Long Twin
Approximate Room Size*:15′ x 12′
Bathroom Type:Communal

* Dimensions for accommodations provided by the Department of Housing and Residence Education are approximations only. As with any physical structure, the size of the facilities and room dimensions will vary from location to location. It is not possible for Housing and Residence Education to provide exact specifications for individual locations. Please note the University is unable to remove the furniture from residential facilities. As such, please plan accordingly so that you may effectively personalize your home away from home.

Building Amenities


The university provides cable streaming services through SpectrumU TV. This service is available to students through the SpectrumU app or a web browser.


All academic and residential facilities are equipped with wireless access. Computers, phones, and tablets may connect to the GWUwireless network by utilizing Wi-Fi connections. Other devices, such as gaming consoles and streaming devices, may access the GWUdevices network.

Building Location

Need directions to Royster Hall? Click on the pin to get turn-by-turn instructions.